Peas are the very first things seeded at the farm in early spring and can be found climbing up the trellises in the PYO field. We grow 3 kinds of peas (look for the signs in front of the trellis): sugar snap, snow, and shelling peas.
snow peas, shelling peas, sugar snap peas

Snow peas are delicate-tasting, flat-podded giants that should be picked when flat, with minimal pea-bumps, at least the length of an adult finger, and are also entirely edible. Stir-fry them! Or eat raw. To prepare, pinch the top of the pea pod with your fingernail and pull back to remove the tough-ish "strings" on the pod edges. Then eat it all!

Shelling peas are actual peas, like the ones you (used to) get frozen or canned. Pick them with they are very plump, bright green, and smooth, with filled-out peas inside. Avoid pods that are turning a lighter color or wrinkling - these are overmature. To get the fresh, sweet peas, simply peel away the pod (inedible) and eat! Eat them raw or try them in a recipe calling for fresh peas. Check out another blog, 101 Cookbooks, and some pea recipes here.

Sugar snap peas have an edible pod as well as peas, and should be picked when very plump, smooth and bright green. Due to the heavy rainfall this spring, the peas are not as sweet as usual, but are nonetheless very crunchy and tasty, either raw as a snack or stir-fried with other veggies. Prepare the same as snow peas.

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