Blackened Peppers

Blackened peppers, with their smoky-sweet, rich flavors, are beautiful on pizza, tossed with pasta, in salads, and of course eaten by themselves. Did I mention that they are fun to make?

Kids are very interested in this unusual method, but don't surrender the tongs for this one.

Cook time: 5 - 8 minutes
Requirements: A gas stovetop, or a grill
2-4 large sweet peppers, rinsed and dried
Turn your flame on to medium low, and balance one pepper at a time over the flame. If it won't balance on the iron grate, use tongs. Cook for a minute or until the side exposed to the flame begins to blacken and blister, then turn to expose another side of the pepper. Do this all the way around, remove to a cutting board, and repeat with the other peppers.
The blackened skin will easily peel off. Remove the skins for the compost bin, slice and remove seeds and membranes. Use immediately, or store in the fridge.
Photo and method by Tod Dimmick

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